Tommy has a pet monkey every day his monkey eats 4 apples in the morning. The monkey also eats two bananas for every banana that Tommy eats. Write an equation to describe this situation where X is the number bananas Tommy eats and y is the total number of fruits the monkey eats

Accepted Solution

Answer:X*2+4=yStep-by-step explanation:Ok, so, we can pull four different points from this equation.The monkey eats 4 apples each morningThe monkey eats 2 bananas for each 1 Tommy hasThe number of bananas Tommy eats is marked as XThe number of fruits the monkey eats is marked as yLet's start with Tommy.XTommy eats X amount of bananas. Next the monkey.X=yThe monkey eats y amount of bananas, but if you notice, he eats double to amount Tommy eats. So let's double Tommy's bananas.X*2=yYou'll also notice, the monkey eats four apples everyday. Now, we're looking for the monkey's FRUIT intake, where as we're only looking at Tommy's BANANA intake. So, let's add that to the equation.X*2+4=yAnd there's the equation right there.