Ms. Johnston's students counted by fives. The first person said, "Five." The next said, "Ten"; the next "15." They went all the way up to 100. How many students counted to get to 100? Bobby said, "50." When asked how he knew, he said, "Because 5 is half of 10, and 50 is the same number as 5, just with a 0, and 10 is the same as 100 just with another 0."How are you going to respond to Bobby? POST your response by WEDNESDAY. REPLY you other group members by SUNDAY - you agree with their approach to Bobby? How does it compare to your answer?

Accepted Solution

Answer:20 students. Step-by-step explanation:The first person said 5 (which is 5 x 1), the second person said 10 ( which is 5 x2)... we see that this is a arithmetic sequence where the first term is 5 and the nth term is 100. We know that 100 = 5 x 20, therefore, the number of students that counted all the way up to 100 was 20 and Bobby was wrong.