How do you use theorems about triangles to solve problems?

Accepted Solution

Step-by-step explanation:Triangles can be solved if you know either of three pieces of information:Three sidesTwo sides and one angleTwo angles and one sideYou can solve for the remaining sides and angles using law of sine and law of cosine.Law of sine:(sin A) / a = (sin B) / b = (sin C) / cLaw of cosine:c² = a² + b² − 2ab cos CHere, A is the angle opposite side a, B is the angle opposite side b, and C is the angle opposite side c.Law of cosine can also be written as:b² = a² + c² − 2ac cos Ba² = b² + c² − 2bc cos AAnd law of sine can also be written as:a / (sin A) = b / (sin B) = c / (sin C)(Notice that when C = 90°, law of cosine becomes Pythagorean theorem.)